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Turkey Fryers / Marinade Injectors / Stainless Steel Marinade Injector


Stainless Steel Marinade Injector


Stainless Steel Marinade Injector Description:


The Bayou Classic Stainless Steel Marinade Injector is a professional marinade injector with two stainless steel marinade injector needles. The first needle with this stainless steel marinade injector is used for your regular liquid marinades. The second needle with this stainless steel marinade injector is used for minced spices. The Bayou Classic stainless steel marinade injector is made of high quality stainless steel. If you want a marinade injector that is sure to last, this is the one for you!
How to clean and care for your marinade injector:
- Attach needle to marinade injector by turning clockwise until snug. Do not over tighten marinade injector needle.
- For best results, make sure the plunger in your marinade injector is coated with oil prior to using.
- Marinade injectors are not dishwasher safe. We suggest hand washing in warm soapy water. Wash shortly after use.
- To avoid misplacing the needle(s), we suggest storing your needle inside the injector chamber.

Stainless Steel Marinade Injector

Stainless Steel Marinade Injector Measurements:

 2 ounce marinade injector

Stainless Steel Marinade Injector Manufacturer: Bayou Classic


  • Two 6" Stainless Steel Marinade Injector Needles
  • One marinade injector needle for liquid marinade
  • One marinade injector needle for minced spice
  • Three hole easy grip
  • 2-oz. marinade capacity

    Stainless Steel Marinade Injector

    SKU:  BC 5011

    Retail:  $29.00

    Our Price:  $23.99

    Options:  None


    Our Stainless Steel Marinade Injector usually ships within 2 - 3 days. If you need a Stainless Steel Marinade Injector shipped sooner, please e-mail for availability. We do offer upgrades on shipping. Please include your day time phone number and e-mail address.
















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